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The primary teaching medium at this University is English. That’s because English is understood by everyone and allows these universities to deal with the top-notch educational institutes in the West and east region of the Earth.

However, local languages are also spoken at the University to ensure students can communicate with one another in a better way.

About us

About East-West Teaching University, Georgia

Georgia, one of the most considered trans-continental countries in Eastern Europe and western Asia, is the home to one of the famous educational institutes. The East-West Teaching University is dedicated to providing appropriate education in MBBS degrees, healthcare management, and other related healthcare practices.

The educational institute wants to establish a cordial relationship with several surrounding countries and promote the importance of higher education accordingly. From Azerbaijan to Turkey, the educational institute has joined hands with others and developed a plan to make education accessible to everyone.

East West Teaching University Campus Overview



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Why Study east-west teaching university?

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Some of the many reasons for which the East West Teaching University has gained massive popularity in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Turkey are:

  1. The East West Teaching University focuses on developing programs for medical and healthcare aspirants. The first course that the University released for its students is based on MBBS, followed by Healthcare Management and patient care.
  2. Its primary aim, as of now, is to implement a diploma program of level one in the medical and healthcare industry. This entire course has been developed and planned by none other than a reputed team of academic personnel and representatives from the prestigious medical education center of David Tvildiani Medical University.
  3. As it was formed under the European Union, the University opens many opportunities for medical aspirants to tap into the international medicine and healthcare pool while acquiring advanced knowledge and practices.
  4. Students who want to study at the East West Teaching University in Georgia will get all the facilities that one can expect from an established and well-reputed first World Medical Institute.
  5. To introduce diversity and inclusion statements, the University has ensured people with physical disabilities will be treated with respect and equality.
  6. One of the many reasons to enroll in East West Teaching University Georgia is its excellent job opportunities. As an experienced medical professional, you can grab the best job with a high-paying salary once you complete the diploma course.
  7. Only industry professionals and experts will guide you through practical and theoretical classes, developing your weaknesses into strengths and helping you to furnish more decisive aspects.
  8. Lastly, all the buildings and clinics are located in Central Georgia, making them accessible from any part of the country.