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The East West Teaching University in Georgia has paved the way for several other colleges and institutions in the surrounding Middle Eastern countries to improve education quality and formed a strong alliance with the West and east.

East West Teaching University Campus Overview

University Structure

East West Teaching University Campus Overview

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Food & Hostel Facility at east-west teaching university

If you want to avoid commuting daily to and from the East West Teaching University in Georgia, you can certainly avail the hostel facilities. All the residences are located within the university premise. The buildings for boys and girls are separate, with a typical building with games, rooms library, a cafeteria, and several other essential utilities.

Food facility is also available at the University, and the management board has made tough decisions concerning the meals to be provided to the students. From assuring 100% quality of the meals to Execution of rotating menus, the University has certainly outdone itself when compared to others.

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Georgia is a transcontinental country. It means that a particular portion of the total land area is in Europe while the rest is in Asia. Even then, Georgia is a European country and also a part of a European nation. It is surrounded by three major countries: Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Armenia. The famous Ural Mountains and located in the famous Caucasus region. Some parts of the country are barren and deserted, but you will find settlements and urban developments in almost the entire nation.

The climate part of Georgia usually remains rainy for most of the year in the coastal region and Western Plain. However, as you move towards the inland areas in the eastern and central sites, the climate will change to arid and continue. Similarly, going up in the mountains will significantly lower the mercury level, providing comfort from the arid regions’ scorching heat.

East-west teaching university

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The modern teaching standards were developed within the framework of the EU-funded Tempus (Erasmus +) project (e-PBL-net) with a goal to establish the best international practice in medical education in the region.