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Rector's Message

I am honored to welcome you on behalf of the East-West University.

Our university was founded recently, but many of the professionals with lots of years of experience have participated in the university creation process and continue their activity at the university. The young generation also works with them, so we can confidently say that such a synergy has become a solid basis for the establishment of a new, powerful university.

At this stage, our primary task is to carry out a one-level medical doctor education program.

Our priority is to use modern methods and technologies in the process of teaching, maximize rapid integration into the learning process of the latest achievements of science, search and deliver modern teaching and scientific literature for students and professors. On the other hand, we think that the Georgian medical school traditions are very rich and it is important that students get the most information about them.

There are two medical institutions that are involved in the study process: Aleksandre Aladashvili Clinic and Tbilisi Balneological Resort, which have many years of medical and educational experience and currently operate as the ultra modern medical centers. This is a clear proof that the educational process at our university is closely linked to practical activities, which considerably facilitates the formation of a student as practitioner.

Our university is committed to prepare highly qualified doctors with professional and personal dignities who will be focused on permanent development. We are ready to cooperate with everyone who helps us to fulfill these goals.

I will be glad to see you as a student or a teacher at our university. Our door is always open for you!

Rector, Prof. Sh. Petriashvili